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Labor of Love Advocates


Make the pledge to be a Labor of Love Advocate!

What I think, how I speak, and how I act matters! I pledge to commit myself to living a life of love by constantly asking myself: “Is this a loving thought? Am I acting and/or behaving in a loving way?”

Email us to let us know you’re making the pledge, then each week Marydale will give a brief lesson for our Labor of Love Advocates to contemplate on their journey to become more loving every day.

Join us and spread the Love!


Week 2:

“Be determined on this day to move through the amnesia that has veiled you from remembering who you are, for this singular state of being keeps you trapped in a false sense of reality. Break free and allow yourself to know that there is no end to you. In the center of your Being-ness, the ever-present, eternal essence of Love is ceaselessly bursting forth in every instant to sustain you. Remember?” — Marydale, October 15, 2018
To learn more about how to lift the veil of amnesia and connect to the Source of Love within, join us in November for Kriya Initiation.


Webmaster out of town — no video this week.

“Whenever you doubt your ability to make your life a Labor of Love, just remember that we, your community, are here supporting you and cheering you on to make a difference. Take courage in yourself and who you are becoming. Hold this vision for all of us: Love everywhere for everyone always and in all ways.” — Marydale, October 8, 2018


Webmaster out of town — no video this week.

“Within each moment there is an opportunity to choose a positive, loving thought that will ultimately become a positive, loving action on your part. By practicing presence, you become more and more able to notice where your mind has taken you and guide your thoughts into love. Always love. Be ever attentive to the direction of the mind and choose love over and over again.” — Marydale, October 1, 2018


Week 1:

“Take a few moments to review how successfully you are able to guide your life each day into consistently thinking loving thoughts, creating loving actions and, thus, contributing more positively to yourself, your family, your community and the world at large. You are the deciding factor – what you do with your life, in every breath, matters to us all. Lean into Love with all of your being.” — Marydale, September 24, 2018


That evolved into a weekly quote and video lesson. 


“Your life begins and ends with YOU. You are the perceiver of our own reality. Your perspective is your perspective. Today and onward, perceive your life through the eyes of love. Guide your thoughts — and, therefore, the resulting actions of your life and the reverberations thereof — into and through love. Only love.” — Marydale, September 17, 2018


“Here is what you must remember: your existence is not dependent upon this life, for you are eternal. The person you are, here and now, while precious and magnificent, is a mere fragment of You. Don’t lose yourself to insignificance. Live from your heart, remain detached, and devote yourself to love.” — Marydale, September 10, 2018


Our Labor of Love movement began with a weekly quote.