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Friday, Mar 01, 2019 A Message from Marydale – March 2019


The deeper you go into Yoga, the deeper it gets – there is no end to it. When one approaches Yoga, it should be done with a sense of inquiry and a healthy attitude. Leave the competitive nature behind and translate your own mind-body language…doing it your way without regret. Over time, Yoga becomes yours. It is a way of maintaining health and happiness. It’s a compass for constantly staying in touch with what healthy truly is to you.

Through your practice, you learn the difference between what it means to heal and to cure. Yoga takes deep causes into account that are, more often than not, found in the mind and in the way you live. That is why Yoga Masters recommend and encourage self-study or svadhyaya. You must take an active role in your health and not be dependent on others to take care of you. They do not know how you truly feel inside! This happens automatically as your self-awareness increases and you are able to pay attention to things while they are small.

Consider yoga as a way to self-empowerment. Physicians, therapists, and remedies can help us through a crisis, but we ourselves are responsible for our own health and happiness—especially for tapping into the Source of lasting happiness that lies within.

A springtime arrives, take time to make a commitment to your continued, conscious Yoga practice as you cultivate and fine-tune awareness, balance, stability, your relaxation response, and the authentic happiness of being YOU! See you on the mat.

Love, Love, Love,

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“Practice, practice, practice! It will give you perfection. It has been emphasized by the masters since time immemorial. Even in perfecting my world skills, for example, singing, dancing, cooking, and other such activities, one can easily see how repeated practice brings mastery and success. However, mechanical practice is not enough. There is a need for joyful practice. So practice the instructions of the guru preceptor with love and faith. It helps to be steady in your evolution.”

— Paramahamsa Yogananda