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Sunday, Apr 01, 2018 A Message from Marydale – April 2018



Happy Springtime and Happy Holy Days to you and yours. In the lineage of Kriya Yoga, we honor, respect, and include all religions as an intricate part of our Spiritual family. Of Christ, the great Yogi Mahatma Gandhi has written, “I am sure that if He were living here now among men, He would bless the lives of many who perhaps have never heard His name…just as is written: ‘Not every one that saith unto me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which art in heaven will enter.’ (Matthew 7:21) In the lesson of His life, Jesus gave humanity the magnificent purpose and the single objective toward which we all ought to aspire. I believe that He belongs not solely to Christianity, but to the entire world, to all lands and races.”

Throughout time, Avatars have visited the earth plane to uplift humans into remembering their true identity as Divine Souls in human form. Yet, as history has proven, few among us are able to remember and to live a life of wisdom and Grace orchestrated through endless love. Perhaps it is our sense of individuality, which cries for specialness, that keeps us from our very identity, or a hungry ego that wants recognition above others to prove we are in some way superior that keeps us from our greatest knowing. Alas, there has always been a deep yearning within us to know Truth. Oddly, in our modern times when the world has gone quite mad and out of control, many of us turn to holidays like Passover, Easter, and the like to reclaim some sort of sanity within the fray.

Be cautioned, however, that it is easy to miss the entire focus of religious holidays by ignoring the true meaning behind them, to be caught up in the clever, materialistic trappings of the days filled with festivities, food, and drink. The day Christ was born, there was no Santa Claus nor was the Easter Bunny lurking behind the rock as it rolled away from the tomb where Christ rose from the dead. I’m confident that there was no hiding and finding matzah on any night of Passover. Please, go back into the scriptures of your religious or Spiritual tradition and reacquaint yourself with the essence of what these ancient stories have survived to teach us. Go to the Source. Get down on your knees and ask for clarity, for understanding, for inspiration, for your Truth. Christ taught to: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” This invitation is as fresh and new today as the very day He uttered these simple, yet profound, words from his Holy mouth 2000+ years ago.

So reboot yourself, Dear One, by moving into the middle of the heart of that which created you, and know that you are being breathed endlessly by the Divine with Love. It is through this constant knowing that your ultimate peace will take wing.

May great Blessings be yours.

Love, Love, Love,

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“Love is a state of experience that is obtained through sincere effort and the grace of God, and should last through all the stages of life.”

 Paramahamsa Prajnanananda