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Thursday, Feb 01, 2018 A Message from Marydale – February 2018


Yoga has something for every body and we are on a mission to offer you more opportunities to practice with us! Read on…

When we come to our mat regularly to practice, our bodies learn how to become more subtle, open, and balanced. Going beyond the body and incorporating all parts of yoga as a lifestyle eventually leads us to surrender into the flow of grace that moves us through our highest potential. All of us are constantly growing, stretching, and changing, for this is the natural progression of life. Nothing is static, nor does anything remain the same.

Here at Param Yoga, we are fortunate to be growing in ways that support our community to be better able to sustain individual daily practices, making each part of the whole stronger. We will now be open Monday through Saturday, offering four brand new classes to the mix, starting the evening classes a bit later to make it easier on commuters to attend, and bringing classes focused on stress and pain relief to improve quality of life for all interested students.

We are blessed to welcome two excellent, highly experienced yoga teacher/therapists to our staff: Sue Raglan (aka Anasuya) and Julie Segovia, who will be joining Stephanie Winnard and me with regularly scheduled classes.

At this time, it my sincere joy to introduce two of my longtime Reiki apprentices and Reiki Master Teachers in their own right, Sabrina Paine and Khanh Le, who will be teaching all Reiki Intros & Demos, Reiki Shares, and Reiki Level I & II Workshops for The Reiki Center of Los Angeles. Reiki Master Teachers Adan Rosales and Rosa Figueroa will continue to lead all of these same Reiki events here at Param Yoga in Spanish, which they have been executing beautifully for the past two years.

With the new schedule in place, our weekly Yoga Sutra and Kriya Meditation classes led by Yogacharya Richard Peterson from Kriya Los Angeles will now take place from 7:30 – 8:45 pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, respectively.

It remains my personal commitment to serve God and Gurus by offering yoga classes and lifestyle to the Chatsworth community, because I know that yoga works! After a debilitating back injury decades ago, I discovered the wonder of a regular yoga practice, which brought significant pain relief, recovery, strength, and ease of movement. Doctors remain mystified by the freedom in which my body moves considering the degree of scoliosis coupled with disc degeneration. I always tell them one word: “YOGA!”

One could almost say that it is just plain magic. However, the truth is that yoga is your very best health insurance policy. If you are willing to be disciplined and incorporate a regular yoga practice into your life, you too can find relief from all that ails you and avoid many other issues that come upon us through the aging process.

It is said that timing is everything in life. Whether you want to start a practice, enhance your practice, or add new techniques to your precious toolbox to support a happy, healthy life, we are here for you.

Love, Love, Love

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“Look at the world, including your body and your mind. Observe carefully how everything changes continuously. See the transitory nature of things. See how there is a spell of misery due to lack of understanding. Be calm. See your real nature. Feel it. Experience it. Practice prayer. Be in knowledge. This is the door to self-realization.” — Paramahamsa Prajnanananda