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Saturday, Oct 01, 2016 A Message from Marydale – October 2016



tapestryFasten your seatbelts, because the final three months of 2016 are upon us. You and I both know that there is a certain mindset that takes over as we approach the complexity of all that the fall/winter months offer us. If one is not awake and present in yogic priorities, it is quite possible to become overwhelmed and debilitated. Make this year’s end a very special one by recommitting yourself to your practice and doubling your efforts to live in a state of perpetual calm with compassionate detachment for all that whirls around you.

Remember that less is indeed more. Prioritize your time carefully as you move through the holidays in order to accommodate your practice. Keep first things first, acknowledging that if you are relaxed and moving effortlessly through each day you will be flowing in a sea of endless love that is not anchored on artificial days of celebration, but is authentic and life-giving.

While the holidays offer a time of coming together with the ones we love and cherish, they can, if allowed, lose their true meaning of gratitude and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, whose presence on the Earth remains glorified 2000 years after he left. Be the one in your circle of influence who draws the attention to how precious these celebrations are, while minimizing commercialism and greed. When you give, do so from your heart without expectation, remaining clear about why you are giving in the first place.

Time is a major commodity in our brief lives here upon this earth. Do not waste a moment on anything that is not taking you deeper into your relationship with your Divine nature.

I celebrate you and wish you and yours all good things always and in all ways.

In Service,

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“Let us contemplate with humility and love. Let us cultivate the idea that we belong to God, and God belongs to us. We belong to the whole world, the whole world is ours, I am for all, and naturally all are for me I should live and breathe in peace and love, and should move like a child of God -fearlessly. Then life will be beautiful. Think of God and God’s love and beauty. Pray that God and the masters give us expansion in the mind, expansion in the heart. Let our lives be saturated with love, saturated with compassion.” – Paramahamsa Prajnanananda