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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015 A Message from Marydale – December 2015


December FlowersWith the End of 2015 quickly approaching, we are faced with the hustle and bustle of the holidays followed by the inevitable New Year’s resolutions consciously chosen to hasten a happier, healthier life in some way. Tradition, ritual, family, hopes, dreams and wishes are all important to the sanctity of hearth, home and the world at large. However, one must not lose touch with the true purpose of all of the expended energy in these acts of kindness; responsibility and obligation to whom, and for what ultimate goal? Many of us are swept away by the current of society that has set the flow into motion long before our arrival on the earth. It reminds me of the hundredth monkey scenario, which creates the phenomenon of like behavior that soon becomes common among all.

While this month, this season, these holidays offer profound opportunities for love, communion, fellowship and generosity of Spirit, it also invisibly dislodges feelings of aloneness, lack, debt, indulgent behavior, isolation and complete disregard for the true meaning of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. In truth, each one of these celebrations is drenched in Spiritual beliefs, traditions throughout the world, Love and hopefulness for continued blessings from above.

All wonderful, indeed, but one should not need to be prodded by dates on the calendar to be reminded of Spirit. Remember this: as yogis, we embrace the daily responsibility to stay awake in the beauty, majesty and Presence of Divinity in every breath. We know that our thinking, our behavior and our choices affect the whole in a dynamic way that often goes unseen, and yet still carries profound loving energy to assist in creating balance in all living things, including the planet, now.

While it’s wonderful to draw together to celebrate, to share feasts, gifts and time, remember that you’re living in the light of Love with integrity and generosity. Being awake and available in service at all times outweighs any manmade holiday.

So when and if you are considering a New Year’s resolution or two, be sure to recognize the importance of cultivating your relationship with God, Divinity, Source, Spirit, or however you relate to that which created life, as the foundation, the platform from which everything else in your life flows. Celebrate each day that you wake here with enthusiasm, vigor and determination to live a life drenched in Love…today, every day.

Know that you are loved and honored in my heart. Best wishes to you and yours for a blessed and beautiful a holiday season. I look forward to sharing the path and seeing you on the mat!

All Love, all the time,

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“The mind is a good servant but a bad master. Have mastery over your mind and direct it to the right path so that it will always be in contact with the indwelling spirit”. – Paramahamsa Prajnanananda