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Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 A symbol with deep roots.

We are often asked about the picture in our logo and what it signifies. One person thought it might be an African Umbrella Thorn Acacia tree. Others have said it looks like a brain with part of the spinal column. Good—and creative—guesses, but it is actually a ginko leaf. The ginko is Marydale’s favorite tree. Besides being extremely beautiful and a true expression of all the seasons, the gingko tree is considered the most ancient tree known to man and is often revered as sacred. It is believed that its medicinal properties are excellent for the heart and lungs, and India’s traditional Ayurvedic healers associate the gingko with long life. What a perfect representation for Param Yoga. In fact, Marydale snapped this picture of a ginko leaf in Chatsworth Park North, just up the street from the studio.

So, the next time you’re at the studio and you hear someone say, “What IS that thing?”, you can tell them it’s a symbol with deep roots.