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Saturday, Jan 12, 2013 Marydale’s Thought for the Day – 1/12/13

What a world we live in. Folks, young and old, have packed schedules and the pressure that goes along with it. Often, on autopilot, we rush around trying to get it all done and do not enjoy the journey and preciousness of our lives. Slowing down is the answer. Prioritize, sort through and eliminate unnecessary obligations, demands, and time wasting activities that drain your energy. Stay awake and present in everything that you are doing and behave with care. You know as well as I do that rushing around, multi-tasking, cramming in one more thing, ends up depleting you and wasting precious time because of mistakes, accidents, or poor performance! If you truly believe that you are an Infinite Being, part of the great I Am, then what’s the rush? There is time for everything and everything in right timing. This calm behavior will become the very roots of your freedom and joy.