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Monday, Jan 07, 2013 It’s a good thing.

One of our yoga students posted a wonderful tip on her Facebook page at the end of December. It suggested that you get an empty jar and leave it where you will see it on a regular basis. Then, every time something good happens in your life, write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. On December 31, 2013, empty the jar and read what’s on all of the papers. You’ll end the year on a positive note (literally!) by seeing all of the great things that happened to you over the past year.

We at Param Yoga have taken this suggestion to heart, both at the studio and in our homes, by setting out a jar and keeping small pieces of paper and a pencil handy to jot down our “good things” as they happen.  A good thing could be as small as finding a lucky penny or as large as finding your soulmate.

The greatest part about this activity is that, in looking for positive things to happen in your life, you are more likely to find them. As believers in the idea that your thoughts and expectations determine your life’s experiences, we know how important it is to focus only on those things that you want to create in your life. The Good Things Jar is one of those tools that can help you steer your thoughts in a positive direction on a daily basis.

When a good thing happens in your life or at the studio, particularly if it relates to your yoga practice, you are encouraged to write it down and drop it in our Good Things Jar when you come to the studio for class. At our annual holiday potluck in December, we will empty the jar and read your good things out loud.

We wish all of you a year filled with good things. Happy 2013!


posted by Kirsten K.