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Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 Marydale’s Thought for the Day – 12/25/12

Many years ago, when I was much younger than I am today, I had a visitation from a Light being whom I believed then, and still believe today, was the Lord Jesus Christ. At the time, I was playing in the garden when a brilliant Light appeared. Within the Light stood a young man with piercing blue eyes and medium-long light brown hair wearing a blue robe. While the presence of this being was unexpected, I was neither frightened nor surprised by the visit. Rather, I felt very much at peace and at the same time excited as this beautiful Being told me that He and others were very proud of me and that I must remember that I was never alone and that all of my needs would always be met, no matter what! While He looked nothing like the pictures of Jesus I had seen, I knew He was the Lord nonetheless.

Immediately after this flash, I ran into the kitchen and asked my Mom to tell me everything she knew about God. She dropped the plate she was washing in the sink and looked at me with astonishment. I was not quite 4 years old at the time.

Since I was so very young and Jesus Christ was my reference point through family tradition, I assumed the Being who visited me was Jesus and held to that belief throughout my life.

I covet Christ consciousness even though I am not a practicing Christian. I know in my heart that Christ is everywhere. That Christ, no matter what you call it or have come to recognize as the most All in All, is alive and well today, 12/25/12. How wonderful for the whole world to pause in recognition of a God man who single-handedly has had more influence than any other living Soul in history to date.

Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus. Thank you for being the Light, the Way, my Beloved One. Merry Christ-mas, one and all!