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Friday, Aug 17, 2012 Mosaic Project – Part 5

Thanks to generous donations from students and friends of Param Yoga, Lisbeth is able to continue her work on the mosaic project. Thank you!

It’s been so hot recently that work on the project was suspended for a couple of weeks, but Lisbeth got back to work this week and, unbelievably, was able to make the birdbath even more beautiful than it had been. She covered the base with cobalt blue tile pieces in all different shapes and sizes. Most of them look to me like guitar picks. She ringed these with two rows of clear green stones and a single row of clear lavender stones that look almost black against the dark grouting. Then she surrounded the entire thing with iridescent cream-colored tiles that shimmer with hints of green, blue, lavender, and pink. I love the fanciful way that she created jagged edges around the base of the birdbath and filled in any odd spaces with irregular pieces of tile.

Inset amongst this array is a large clear crystal heart flanked by matching faceted stones. This is a special tribute to Marydale and the studio, since “love” is the first part of our mission statement to Love • Serve • Meditate • Realize.

Before the heat wave hit us, Lisbeth was able to do more work on the urn, surrounding it with blue tiles that look like a twilit sky rendered in watercolors. She installed a temporary iron gate to separate our ledge from that of our neighbor and filled the urn with a native grass plant that brings the whole thing to life.

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posted by Kirsten K.