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Monday, Jul 30, 2012 Mosaic Project – Part 3

Now that I’d witnessed Lisbeth’s creativity in embellishing the area around the base of the black rock, I couldn’t wait to see what she’d do next. One day, she arrived with bags and boxes filled with colorful stones in all shapes and sizes. She sat for a long time on the ledge going through them to select stones that matched her inner vision for the birdbath. I was very busy in the studio that day and wasn’t able to go outside to check on her progress, so I was absolutely astounded when I finally went out at the end of the day to see what she’d done.

The birdbath was straight out of a fairytale. Like the pumpkin that had been turned into a regal carriage, the damaged birdbath had been transformed into something that looked like it belonged in the courtyard of Cinderella’s castle. Encrusted with stones and tiles that shimmer like precious jewels, it is too pretty for words. By the time I got to see it, a passerby has already dropped a coin in the basin, probably thinking that any wish made in such a beautiful vessel was sure to be granted.

Now that the birdbath was completed, it was time to move on to the urn…

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posted by Kirsten K.