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Saturday, Jun 30, 2012 Mosaic Project – Part 1

When people walk into our studio, they always comment about how beautiful it is inside and how they had no idea that all of this style and warmth was back here. Other than our iconic lighted arches in the front windows, the façade of our building doesn’t have much to recommend it and gives little clue to the inviting spaces within.

One of our students, Lisbeth Ohmer, is a talented mosaic artist. You may have seen her work across the street at Los Toros. She saw the plain cement shelf beneath our front windows and envisioned it covered with tiles and jewels. Lisbeth works primarily on commission and has no plan in advance. Once she meets the client and sees the space, inspiration begins to flow.

The first day that Lisbeth started work on the studio, she brought a huge black rock that she’d had for a while just waiting for the perfect project. She thought it would be a great way to camouflage the exposed water spigot near our front door. I thought it looked like the Rock of Gibraltar and didn’t really see where she was going with it. Soon, she brought a weathered urn and a broken birdbath to anchor the left and center of the ledge, respectively. I couldn’t see her vision and wasn’t sure where this was headed, but the next time she came to work, the magic began to take shape…

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posted by Kirsten K.