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Monday, Nov 14, 2011 11/11/11 Drumming Circle and Meditation

Students and friends of Param Yoga met at the studio this past Friday night to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime date of 11/11/11 with a drumming circle and meditation. This was our second drumming circle at the studio and was, if possible, more enthusiastic and energetic than the first. There is a special significance in numerology to the number 11, and this confluence of three 11s comes around only once in every century, so we are incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience it.

In astrology and numerology, 11 is considered to be a Master Number. It represents duality and should not be reduced to a single digit. It is believed that the number 11 possesses the qualities of balance, equality, and justice, along with the doubled attributes of the number 1, including higher ideals, invention, refinement, congruency, fulfillment, and vision. Whether there is any truth to this, many people feel a particular resonance to the number 11, especially when it occurs in multiples.

Any reason is a good excuse to join together in community to celebrate our many blessings, so 11/11/11 was a natural call to gather in love and gratitude. Led by the amazing Ivor Weiner, we drummed, shook tambourines, and rattled maracas until the air thrummed with positive vibrations. We flowed this resonance into a guided meditation honoring the moment, all that had come before, and all that lay ahead. It was a beautiful evening and we thank everyone who participated and shared their loving energy with us.