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Thursday, Jul 01, 2010 The Gathering with Spirit – July 1, 2010

Life is full of excitement and infinite possibilities for each of us.  Our Spiritual Community continues to grow and morph as we remain ever “vigilant” to the voice within that beckons us to share time with like-minded friends.  We are creating, together, a safe and sacred space where we may each express our innermost truth and become encouraged to become the most awesome humans on the planet!

This Thursday evening, July 1, please join me for The Gathering with Spirit.  I know that your presence here makes everything shift into a higher vibration so we need you AND you need us to feel good about just being magnificent YOU!

Science Discovers Intelligent Order

“The rise of science served to extend the range of nature’s marvels, so that today we have discovered order in the deepest recesses of the atom and among the grandest collection of galaxies,” writes Paul Davies, Ph.D., well-known author and professor of mathematical physics, in Evidence of Purpose: Scientists Discover the Creator (New York: Continuum Publishing, 1994).

Symptoms theorists Ervin Laszlo reports in The Whispering Pond: A Personal Guide to the Emerging Vision of Science (Boston: Element Books 1999): “The fine-tuning of the physical universe to the parameters of life constitutes a series of coincidences—if that is what they are…in which even the slightest departure from the given values would spell the end of life, or, more exactly, create conditions under which life could never have evolved in the first place.  If the neutron did not outweigh the proton in the nucleus of the atom, the active lifetime of the sun and other stars would be reduced to a few hundred years; if the electric charge of electrons and protons did not balance precisely, all configurations of matter would be unstable and the universe would consist of nothing more than radiation and a relatively uniform mixture of gases…If the strong force that binds the particles of a nucleus were merely a fraction weaker than it is, deuteron could not exist and stars such as the sun could not shine.  And if that force were slightly stronger than it is, the sun and other active stars would inflate and perhaps explode…The values of the four universal forces [electromagnetism, gravity, and the nuclear strong and weak force] were precisely such that life could evolve in the cosmos.”

Professor Davies estimates that if—as some scientists maintain—there were no inherent guiding intelligence and cosmic evolution were governed only by the chance operation of strictly mechanical laws, “the time required to achieve the level of order we now meet in the universe purely by random processes is of the order of at least greater than 10 trillion years times eighty.”—Inconceivably longer than the current age of the universe.  Citing these calculations, Laszlo wryly observes: “Serendipity of this magnitude strains credibility,” and concludes: “Must we then face the possibility that the universe we then witness is the result of proposal design by an omnipotent master builder?”

—Publishers Note from The Yoga of Jesus (Self-Realization Fellowship, 2004)

To reach cosmic understanding, it is necessary to unite our feeling with

the infinite feeling that penetrates everything. —Rabindranath Tagore

(Spiritual Pigs – Unite!)