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Thursday, Sep 18, 2014 DVDs

Yoga For Your Best Life DVD Series

Yoga has something for every body, and when yoga is practiced daily it offers endless benefits that are far-reaching for your body, mind and Spirit. Marydale’s teaching style creates an easy-to-follow format that moves the student with ease and grace through postures that systematically warm and nurture the body so it may open to the endless benefits of the practice. All of Marydale’s classes are anchored on the breath, giving them a continuity and seamlessness that adds to your ultimate sense of well-being. There are 4 DVDs in the Yoga for Your Best Life series:

Easy Does It DVD    Daily Practice DVD 2    Daily Practice Plus DVD    Vinyasa Flow DVD

Easy Does It will accommodate folks who are new to the yogic path, have a physical challenge that requires a slower pace, or prefer a well-rounded, accessible practice that is attainable for most.

Daily Practice is a breath-based practice that is intended for a general audience.

Daily Practice Plus is intended for those who are familiar with yoga and are looking for a well-rounded, stimulating, breath-based practice.

Vinyasa Flow is intended for those who are familiar with yoga and are looking for a vigorous, well-rounded-stimulating, breath-based practice.

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