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Friday, May 04, 2012 Favorite Things – New Products at Param Yoga

Our list of Favorite Things is expanding. We are now carrying a number of new products for sale at the studio that we hope will become your favorites too:



We recently blogged about the many benefits of the Tulsi plant. Since then, we have begun to offer Tulsi products for sale in the studio:

Organic Tulsi Tea
Marydale likes to serve Tulsi tea after our Yoga & Meditation classes, and our students love it! We now offer Marydale’s 4 favorite flavors: Cinnamon Rose, Original, Red Chai Masala, and Sweet Rose (bags and loose leaf tea canister). Tulsi is naturally caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day or night.

Tulsi Mala Beads
Handmade from the stems of the organic Tulsi plant, these beads are believed to bring good fortune to the wearer. Each mala is composed of 108 beads (a symbol of living in harmony with nature) and comes in a silk drawstring bag.

Tulsi Essential Oil
When inhaled, Tulsi essential oil is used to purify the mind. When applied topically, it makes an effective mosquito repellent and can soothe skin infections and acne. Massaged into the muscles and joints, Tulsi essential oil can provide relief from peripheral neuropathy and mild aches and pains. The oil has a sweet, fresh smell that reminds us at the studio of gumdrops!
(Note: Tulsi essential oil can be irritating to the skin. Always dilute in a carrier oil before applying externally.)

All of the Tulsi products we carry are organically grown by small family farmers in India.
Stop by the studio and discover the wonders of Tulsi for yourself!

The Elixir of Life


Chyawanprash (CHAI-en-prah-sh) has been called “The Elixir of Life”. It is a delicious jam made from an Ayurvedic recipe including wild forest fruits and 36 different herbs. It is high in antioxidants and vitamin C and contains adaptogens, which improve metabolism and boost immunity.

Some of the benefits of Chyawanprash include:

  • Strengthens the digestive system
  • Enhances memory recall and retention
  • Improves complexion
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Increases libido
  • Supports liver, lung, and heart function
  • Nourishes brain cells

The flavor of Chyawanprash has been described as sour, sweet, pungent, bitter, and astringent. It can be spread on bread or crackers, added to smoothies, or eaten straight from the jar. In India, it is traditionally stirred into a warm glass of milk.

Pick up a jar at the studio and make this remarkable superfood a part of your daily diet.


Light Up Your Life

Richly Scented Jar Candles
Marydale bought herself a Nag Champa candle and fell in love with the scent, so she wanted to carry this intoxicating fragrance in the studio. We now offer the Nag Champa (musk, patchouli, bergamot), Peace (lavender, chamomile, geranium), Love (plumeria, ylang ylang, cinnamon), and Sandalwood (sandalwood, rose, vanilla) candles for sale. All are made from 100% vegetable palm wax and come in a sturdy glass jar with a lid. These richly scented candles burn for 70 hours.

Chakra Jar Candles
Burning a candle or candles during your meditation or yoga practice can enhance the experience. These chakra candles help you to focus your energies on a particular area by representing the colors and the spirit of each chakra, from the root all the way to the crown. The rainbow candle contains the colors of all the chakras and has proven to be very popular at the studio. These 100% vegetable palm wax candles are unscented and burn for 100 hours.

The next time you’re at the studio, browse our selection of candles and enjoy the beautiful aromas and colors.

Friday, Apr 06, 2012 Favorite Things – Tulsi

Tulsi, or “holy basil”, is one of the most revered herbs in India. It is used in Ayurveda to strengthen the immune system and is an important symbol in Hindu religious tradition. The best way to obtain the benefits of Tulsi is by drinking it as a tea, which we often enjoy at Param Yoga at the end of our Yoga & Meditation class.

Some of the reputed benefits of Tulsi:

  • Acts as a nerve tonic.
  • Believed to sharpen memory.
  • Brings down fever.
  • Eases effects of the common cold.
  • Promotes removal of mucus from the bronchial tubes.
  • Relieves sore throat.
  • Strengthens the kidneys and assists in removal of stones.
  • Reduces level of blood cholesterol.
  • Acts as an adaptogen to prevent and relieve stress.
  • Soothes ulcers in the mouth.
  • Acts as a curative for insect bites.
  • Relieves headache pain.
  • And more…

To read more about Tulsi and purchase the tea, visit Organic India.

Click here to watch some short videos on The Power of Tulsi.

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011 Favorite Things – From India with Love

One of Marydale’s friends recently returned from a trip to India and brought us these beautiful bags to sell in the studio. There are three styles: a zippered pouch (8 ½“ x 6 ½”), a zippered purse with an adjustable strap (9 ½” x 10 ½”), and a large tote bag (17” x 18”). All of the bags are multi-purpose. The pouch can be used as a clutch or pencil bag, the purse makes a handbag or shoulder bag, and the tote can be used as a shopping or grocery bag. The bags are made of a water-resistant material that looks and feels like oilcloth, and the pouch and purse are fully lined in silk. They all come in a variety of bright colors and Indian motifs. Each bag is $20 plus tax. There are only a few of these beautiful and unique bags left, so snap one up the next time you’re at the studio before they’re all gone.

Wednesday, Nov 09, 2011 Favorite Things – Double-Wall Glass Bottle

In use daily at the studio, this double-wall glass bottle with diffuser has become indispensable. The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, making it resistant to “thermal shock”, or cracking due to rapid temperature changes. This means that it can safely be used for both ice cold water and piping hot tea. The double wall insures that cold drinks won’t “sweat” and hot drinks won’t burn your hands. It also creates the beautiful illusion that the liquid is suspended in midair.

The bottle we sell at the studio has our logo on the front, our motto and website address on the back, and our ginko leaf on the lid, but they do not obscure the view of the liquid inside. Drop in a blooming tea ball and watch it magically unfurl in the hot water. I like to do this in the morning and continue to re-steep it, so that I can enjoy the beauty of the flower throughout the day.

You can use loose tea in two ways:

1. Put the tea in the diffuser and pour hot water over it into the bottle, then remove the diffuser before drinking, or
2. Remove the diffuser, put the tea in the bottle, fill the bottle with hot water, then replace the diffuser to use as a filter when you drink from the bottle. This is the preferred option if you like to re-steep your tea.

The bottle holds a generous 16 oz. and is dishwasher safe (the lid must be hand-washed). With a little care, you can enjoy this beautiful and functional bottle for years. Pick one up for yourself at the studio…and get one for a friend. It makes a perfect gift for the holidays.

Monday, Oct 31, 2011 Favorite Things – Yoga Bar

We have no idea why this bar is called Yoga Bar, but it was the name that first caught our attention and we’re so glad it did. Yoga Bars are raw, organic, fair trade, vegan…and delicious! They are made with only five ingredients: Organic Raw Dates, Organic Raw Cashews, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Organic Raw Pistachios, and Organic Raw Honey.

Yoga Bar was chosen as the Best Raw Food Bar by with good reason. The cocoa butter makes these bars taste like white chocolate and they simply melt in your mouth. It’s a small snack that is surprisingly satisfying. Yoga Bars are the perfect bite before or after yoga, since they feed your hunger (and your sweet tooth) without filling you up or weighing you down.

We also offer Indigo Nights, which is a raw, organic, vegan fudge bar by the same company that makes Yoga Bar. The next time you’re in the studio, pick one up (or two, or three…) and taste how delicious “healthy” can be.

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 Favorite Things – Miracle II Soap

One of our favorite things at the studio is Miracle II “Miracle” Soap. People might wonder why we sell soap in a yoga studio, but most people (hopefully!) use soap every day, so it is an important part of our lives that is linked to our wellbeing. Studies show that much of what we put on our bodies finds its way into our bloodstreams, so we want to use products that are as natural as possible and of a high vibration.

Miracle II Soap is unique in many ways, from its vibrant green color (derived from sea plants) to its rich, creamy lather, but the story behind its creation is what usually grabs people’s attention. The soap was created in 1980 by a man named Clayton Tedeton, who claims he received the formula through Divine revelation. He gave the soap away for 5 years before starting to bottle and sell it. Over the years, many people have claimed that the soap has healed a variety of skin and scalp issues.

Whether or not these claims can be substantiated, the product simply makes a wonderful body soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish soap, along with a myriad of other uses. Each bottle of Miracle II Soap has been prayed over (the first ingredient listed is “Prayer”), and we at the studio know the power of intention and subtle energy to raise vibration, so we feel that this is the perfect product to offer to our students and clients. Grab a bottle the next time you’re at the studio and experience the Miracle for yourself.

Monday, Oct 10, 2011 Favorite Things – NanoGreens

We love to share our favorite books, CDs, DVDs, health tips, and products with our students and clients. Today we want to give you some information about one of Marydale’s favorite nutritional supplements: NanoGreens10. This is a vegetable and fruit “superfood” powder that you mix with water or juice. Marydale starts every day with NanoGreens and can’t image a day without it. She has tried other, similar powdered supplements, but none of them tastes as good or makes her feel as energized as NanoGreens.

Each glass of this superfood powder contains 10 servings of fruits and vegetables from the most colorful and phytonutrient-rich plants available. That’s more than double the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 3-5 servings per day. In addition, NanoGreens has a patented SuperSorb™ Delivery System that breaks the food down into micro, nano-sized particles to help your body absorb and use the nutrients instantly.

Whether you drink NanoGreens to start your day, before or after a workout, or as a late afternoon pick-me-up, you will get a burst of energy without any of the negative effects of coffee or other sugar-laden, caffeinated energy drinks. On the contrary, you will feel good about knowing that you are feeding all of the cells of your body with high-quality nutrition.

At Param Yoga, we sell the NanoGreens10 12.7 oz. canister, which lasts a month if used daily, and the single serving packets for some post-yoga nutrition or an energy boost on-the-go. Next time you’re at the studio, make an investment in your health with NanoGreens.