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Monday, Oct 10, 2011 Favorite Things – NanoGreens

We love to share our favorite books, CDs, DVDs, health tips, and products with our students and clients. Today we want to give you some information about one of Marydale’s favorite nutritional supplements: NanoGreens10. This is a vegetable and fruit “superfood” powder that you mix with water or juice. Marydale starts every day with NanoGreens and can’t image a day without it. She has tried other, similar powdered supplements, but none of them tastes as good or makes her feel as energized as NanoGreens.

Each glass of this superfood powder contains 10 servings of fruits and vegetables from the most colorful and phytonutrient-rich plants available. That’s more than double the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 3-5 servings per day. In addition, NanoGreens has a patented SuperSorb™ Delivery System that breaks the food down into micro, nano-sized particles to help your body absorb and use the nutrients instantly.

Whether you drink NanoGreens to start your day, before or after a workout, or as a late afternoon pick-me-up, you will get a burst of energy without any of the negative effects of coffee or other sugar-laden, caffeinated energy drinks. On the contrary, you will feel good about knowing that you are feeding all of the cells of your body with high-quality nutrition.

At Param Yoga, we sell the NanoGreens10 12.7 oz. canister, which lasts a month if used daily, and the single serving packets for some post-yoga nutrition or an energy boost on-the-go. Next time you’re at the studio, make an investment in your health with NanoGreens.