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Friday, Feb 01, 2019 A Message from Marydale – February 2019


Happy LOVE month to you!

For several months now, our community has been focused on making our lives ongoing labors of love. Since February is traditionally recognized as LOVE month due to Valentine’s Day, it seems appropriate for each of us to revisit what it means to be a Labor of Love Advocate. Simply stated, you are to make living in a state of perpetual love your underlying principle in all that you do. Allow your consciousness to evolve into a place of Grace that opens your mind to perpetuating thoughts of loving kindness and unbridled love for all of creation, and to avoid preconceived notions of selected loving when your processing mechanism determines that qualifiers for who, what, and how to love are missing. Instead, be willing to trust the process of our innate essence—Love—and do your best to just love anyway, all the time, gently, quietly, without ego or attached expectations. Then step back and observe how the reverberations of your integrity to BE love create in your world a steady flow of goodness, kindness, beauty, and great joy.

Let’s continue together. We can do this, and the rewards are endless and empowering for all of humanity and the planet at large, for what you do, how you behave, and how you approach this one and only life of yours matters. Your life has repercussions that you will never know, so be careful to not move through this gift of life in a comatose state, forgetting your intricate value to all. Wake up, stand up, and let the Love flow into you and through you ceaselessly. We thank you in advance for being awesome!

All Love, All the time,

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“In the state of love, no matter what you do, it’s going to be good. To love those that love you is easy. To love those that love you not is not so simple. If you want to change anyone, set a better example. Show more kindness, more understanding, more love. That has a sure effect. To those who are not kind, show kindness. To those who are mean, show bigness of heart.”

— Paramahamsa Yogananda