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Saturday, Dec 01, 2018 A Message from Marydale – December 2018


On behalf of the Param Yoga staff: Kirsten, Sabrina, Stephanie, and Julie; our wonderful subs Cherise, Jo, Cindy, and Josh; our Kriya Los Angeles Center leaders Richard and Judy Peterson; and, of course, Yoda; I THANK YOU for your ongoing love, attendance, and support of our sacred space. We were established eight years ago through Grace to be a bright Light and offer the Chatsworth community true Yoga in a way that can be incorporated into daily life for your highest good. It’s always been—and continues to be—all about YOU!

As we approach our ninth year, we do so humbly, mindfully, and openly, offering a space for you to grow, to rest, to rejuvenate, and to gain peace from the inside out. Through the day-to-day challenges of a small business in suburban America, we are only as strong as our customers, clients, students, and friends. Therefore, we beseech you to contact us and assist our future by offering your requests, ideas, and desires to make the studio more well-rounded, accessible, and fulfilling for you and your circle of influence.

May this culminating month of December hold a promise of all good things for all of us, as we see with clarity, listen more, speak less, embody peace, and stay awake, living through endless gratitude and consciously breathing the essence of eternal Love, Love, Love.

This holiday season, remember who you are and share that Truth by offering your life as a Labor of Love in all that you do. Standing with feet firmly planted on this beloved planet of ours, with head reaching for the eternal goodness that created all things and heart wide open, I bow to you.

All Love, All the time,

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“Let these festive days create a spirit of joy, peace, and love, not only at this time, but during every breath, for all time to come. Remember that success in life is possible due to sincere effort and divine grace. The grace of the Divine is more available to those who dedicate their lives to hard work with a positive and prayerful attitude. Gurudev (Paramahamsa Hariharananda) often reminded us that life is not an empty dream.

“Discipline, dutifulness, and devotion are the three determinants of our success in any field. As a regularly cleaned copper pot shines brightly, in the same way, when we work sincerely and diligently, we experience the crowning achievements.”

— Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, Christmas 2014