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Monday, Dec 10, 2012 Marydale’s Thought for the Day – 12/10/12

Recently, the lawn around our home was shaved close to the ground and a strong natural fertilizer (manure) was spread in a thick layer over every inch of earth. Immediately, we had a couple of days of rain and up popped all kinds of…weeds! Over the following week or so, actual grass began to break ground and now there is a riot of weeds and grass fighting over who gets to dominate the space. It is pretty obvious by the sheer number of blades that the grass is bound to be victorious, although some of those weeds look awful strong and well rooted.

We are exactly like this. Try as we might, there are times when we go to the core of our Being for cleansing and renewal, and the first chance they get those pesky mental weeds pop right back up…all shapes and sizes. Some come back with a vengeance, stronger than ever! However, given time, persistence and consistence, strong mental patterns will, indeed, win in the end. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Hold to your passion with all your might. Know that the manure you find yourself in at times can be your greatest gift to growing into your Highest Nature. You may even come out smelling like a rose!