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Sunday, Jul 22, 2012 Mosaic Project – Part 2

I have never seen a mosaic artist at work, so I was eager to watch Lisbeth ply her trade in front of our studio. Once she’d secured the rock, birdbath, and urn to the shelf under our front windows, I thought the area looked much better. It seemed to me an odd assortment of items, but I trusted Lisbeth’s vision. I’d seen the beautiful and witty mosaic work she’d done in front of Los Toros, as well as mosaic crosses she’d made for Marydale and one of our yoga students, and I was curious about how this would all play out. She’d cemented together the broken halves of the birdbath, which now took center stage in the middle of the ledge, but I was still unsure about the “Rock of Gibraltar”. Fortunately, she got to work on that area first.

Lisbeth made a bold and daring choice by surrounding the rock with black tiles that are so shiny you can see your reflection in them. She’d found a pair of iridescent, hand-blown glass flowers when she was out and about and placed one at the base of the rock. Then she added some whimsical touches, such as a bronze gecko peeking out from behind the rock, a couple of golden-bronze cabochons, and a scattering of iridescent stones around the base. Beautiful! Things were starting to come together.

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posted by Kirsten K.