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Wednesday, May 01, 2019 A Message from Marydale – May 2019

Greetings to all of the mothers who rise each day to love, serve, and care for the children, grandchildren, stepchildren, adopted children, children-in-law, grown children, sick children, challenged children. I bow to you, for as women we have inherited the challenging, consuming role of birthing, training, and guiding the human race, one individual soul at a time. While some women are more adept at this lifelong responsibility, this arduous task, this gargantuan expression of energy, the constant selfless role of “Mother” is not easy for any of us.

The rewards of motherhood, on the other hand, are profound, including the unconditional love one feels for her child, accompanied by boundless joy for their individual accomplishments, no matter how small. In the end, motherhood makes all of us women somehow a part of an exclusive club with knowing expressions of understanding shared on a subtle, almost psychic, level.

As we approach May 12th, the day set aside to honor mothers this year, make it your responsibility to reach out and honor as many moms as you can with a kind word, a thank you for raising such awesome kids, a big hug, and a welcome smile for a job well done. Then consider honoring mothers around you each and every day. Be kind to them, considerate, patient, tolerant, encouraging, and loving to support them as they care for the future of our world.

As yogis, let us lean into the knowing that the Divine Mother is ever-present in all of our lives, just waiting for us to approach her with heart in hand and ask for her loving support and continuous guidance. She is always waiting and available to assist you, whether you are a mother or not. Lean into her, climb on her lap, give her your troubles, and celebrate your joys with her. By doing so each and every day, your life will open through endless Grace.

I celebrate you and thank you!

May great blessings be yours, now and always,

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“When we understand and recognize the special role of a mother, our heads naturally bend down with love and reverence for her sacrifice and selfless service. What more is there to say? Mother’s Day is a time to respect mothers and offer regards to them with humility and caring.”

— Paramahamsa Prajnanananda