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Monday, Oct 01, 2018 A Message from Marydale – October 2018


Have you caught the splendor of the Harvest Moon as it has shined its luminosity in our sky for the last several nights? Beautiful. May we all slow our pace and pay close attention as nature subtly begins to change her clothes before our eyes into warm golden and burnt orange hues with the onset of shorter days, longer nights, and—perhaps—a snap of cooler weather(?)! With this entrance into the last quarter of 2018 comes the season of activity, gatherings, celebrations, and community.

It is my hope that you will continue to carve out the necessary time to care for yourself from the inside out by being persistent and consistent with your practice. Choose healthy food and drink when invited to celebrate the holidays. Don’t overindulge mindlessly. Remember that less is more. Don’t waste food, time, energy or resources. Keep things simple, pure and in integrity with your yogic values. Dive within often and be renewed in body, mind, and Spirit. Open your heart and let your love-light shine, for you are Sat Chit Ananda—Eternal, Conscious, Bliss.

Step up today and each day to leave the world a better place for having lived.

And remember to:


See you on the mat!

Love, Love, Love,

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“Stillness leads to self-realization. When breath is completely still, the state of Samadhi dawns on the disciple. This is self-realization. Samadhi is the opposite of sleep. There is no awareness of the body, the senses or the mind and yet the self is immersed in a state of wakefulness or super-consciousness. Samadhi is the perfect union of the self with the Absolute.”

— Paramahamsa Prajnanananda