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Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017 A Message from Marydale – February 2017



Happy heart month to you and yours. How appropriate for February to usher in a month of love to reinforce our focus on love for 2017. Somehow it seems easier to begin discipline than to continue it over a long period of time without break, especially when asked to be disciplined about living in love, which at first seems like a no-brainer. Yet, when one is willing to dive deep into the subject, it begins to become self-evident that this invisible essence has been the single most important subject that mankind has been enamored with since the beginning of time. As obvious as it is that love flows through the hearts of mankind, its elusiveness challenges the greatest minds.

As yogis, we believe that love indeed permeates all things, as it is the pure expression of God. Or, better stated: Love is God – God is Love. More today than ever, I know using the word God probably makes some bristle, and, to be politically correct, more general words such as Spirit, Source, Creator or The Divine may be less threatening, so substitute what feels right to you. The focus here is to engage all with the idea that the core of love is something beyond our limited consciousness. And this is where our journey has begun this year – at the root of love – and the goal is to keep love as the center of our consciousness day by day by day. In so doing, one will have the opportunity, through continuous patience, persistence and discipline, to allow love, in all its multifaceted faces, to engulf every thought, every word, every action, and every deed until it becomes impossible to not live love in every breath. It is guaranteed that your life will be sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. So join us, won’t you? Make love the center of your life and allow the positive change to emerge from the inside out.

We’re waiting for you here at Param Yoga to live in light, in joy, in endless love. See you on the mat.

Love, Love, Love,

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The Lord ever silently whispers to you:

“Without speaking a word, I have loved you always. I alone can truly say, ‘I love you’; for I loved you before you were born; My love gives you life and sustains you even at this moment; and I alone can love you after the gates of death imprison you where none, not even your greatest human lover, can reach you.” – Paramahansa Yogananda


Paramahamsa Prajnanananda teaches only one lesson: the lesson of love.