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Friday, Jul 01, 2016 A Message from Marydale – July 2016



Guruji and Marydale at Yoga Day 2016July reminds us of how incredibly fortunate we are to be Americans living in the land of “the free and the brave.” We often take for granted how blessed we are each and every day to wake up in a country where we have choice, where we are greatly cared for, where we may believe what we want, live where we want, and love who we want.

The simple truth that you may choose to participate in yoga classes is an indication of your very freedom. This year, embrace all that is good about being an American. Do not take your personal freedom for granted even for a moment. Instead, let your heart overflow with gratitude for all the goodness that is yours today—each day—and spend your conscious attention in improving yourself first before criticizing or finding fault with anyone else.

We are an important part of the “melting pot” that created America. More than likely, our forefathers were unaware of the “science of soul culture” called yoga. Yet, they were determined to write the Constitution in a way that would prevail through generations to give us all freedom and choice. Blessed and grateful are we, the recipients of their wisdom and forethought.

May the blessings of God and Gurus be ever with you as we celebrate this outstanding nation of ours. See you on the mat!

All Love, all the time,

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From left: Judy Peterson, Yogacharya Richard Peterson, Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, Marydale, Kate Erickson, and William Erickson

“When I am looking at you I am looking at myself in you. When I look at you there are not two, there is One.” – Paramahamsa Prajnanananda