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Sunday, May 01, 2016 A Message from Marydale – May 2016


May FlowersGreetings!

May has arrived, reminding us that 2016 is well on its way and offering each of us renewed vision for our immediate and long-term futures. Be bold as you continue on the path of self-study, defining and understanding on a deep level who you truly are from the inside out. Use all your yoga resources to stay the course, remaining calm and detached in every moment to better define your authenticity with integrity and wisdom.

Param Yoga has wonderful opportunities ahead to support your practice, starting with a FREE Kriya Introduction on Friday May 13th. You’ll gain an overview of the ancient art of Kriya Meditation as taught by a lineage of realized Masters that is as important and vital today as it was a thousand years ago. If you are drawn to Kriya, then you are invited to come to the two-day workshop that follows on Saturday and Sunday to learn the user-friendly techniques of meditation that are life-changing. I highly recommend this technique to enhance your current spiritual, religious or intellectual path.

You officially have 9 DAYS left to pre-register for our outstanding Yoga Day 2016! Please take advantage of this money-saving offer now, as you do not want to miss this fantastic celebration of yoga, our community and Living the Dream! Pre-registration gives you the added opportunity to be first in line to reserve your spot for extra services, including: Psychic Palmistry with Professor Sasi, Vedic Astrology with Vimal Sood, Ayurveda Consultation with Cherise Bangs, or Therapeutic/Reiki Massage with Amy Izenberg.

I send my love and blessings to all of the Mothers in our community, young and old, who have given themselves with devotion to lovingly raising their children in ways that will guide this world we share into heightened wisdom, wholeness and peace. I salute you, one and all. Have a blessed and beautiful celebration of you and yours.

In Service,

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“On this Mother’s Day, I pray to the Divine Mother to give us hearts that can feel pure love for all living beings so that our lives are comprised of pure love, compassion, and kindness. Let our love for the mother, Mother Earth, and even the entire creation be sincere and our lives be simple and practical, loving nature and all creation. Let this Mother’s Day be a day of gratitude for our earthly mother and motherhood in general.” – Paramahamsa Prajnanananda