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Monday, Feb 01, 2016 A Message from Marydale – February 2016


El CorazonUpon your birth, the world changed. You had an immediate impact in this world and, as subtle as it may be, you continue to have an ongoing impact that is substantial enough to affect your circle of influence and beyond.

If, as Yogis, we know that our thoughts create our reality and we embrace the idea that who we are and what we do has a rippling effect, then how could we ever justify thinking or behaving in any manner that is void of love? After all, we souls yearn for love, to receive love and to give love. In many respects it is the belief in love that soothes us and often protects us from harm’s way. But then, you know this. Yet it is far too easy to forget the responsibility we have to one another to live in harmony, Grace and peace.

February is the month that capitalizes on love. Why not use this time to reinforce your personal objective to live in love, to walk in love, to act in love and to become love with every breath? You be the mirror for others to peer into and see themselves through loving eyes, gestures, and words. You can do it, I can do it, we all can do it…if we try. Make a daily effort and it will be so and the world will, bit by bit, become better, happier, healthier and more beautiful because YOU make a difference. Think love.

Loving you, loving all,

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“All of us have the same basic need: to love and be loved. By turning the selfish love we feel toward ourselves and our immediate circle into warmth and compassion for all those who share this earth with us, we will find ourselves released from the self-made prison of our emotions. We will be free at last to love wholly, without fear and without restraint. Through loving others, we love God, and that love returns to us a thousandfold when it is given unselfishly and without ulterior motives.” – Paramahamsa Prajnananadaji