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Friday, Jul 03, 2015 “There is great love here for you.”


by Edie Fasano

Abraham 1I am relatively new to the teachings of Abraham. I had heard the name before and puzzled over the language on the Abraham cards I chose during my Reiki trainings with Marydale. After my husband and soul mate, John, transitioned a year ago, I wanted to understand how my soul mate could appear and then disappear in so short a time and how to continue to move forward in love and joy. Abraham kept coming up in my conversations with Kirsten, Marydale and many others. Kirsten is a wealth of information and our conversations led me to many recordings and the book, Law of Attraction. When I read the preface to Law of Attraction by Jerry Hicks about the questions he had and the knowing, I got goose bumps—this was what I was searching for. Over time, I came to a new understanding of life. We are all part of the same Source energy, or God—if you prefer that name—and, as Marydale reminds us, we are not our body.

After nine months I was feeling much better, but there was a nagging sense of guilt and doubt. I wondered: what is my purpose? How do I make choices? I want to be happy, but I’m not sure how to let go. What is mourning and grief anyway?

Abraham ends their seminars and conversations saying, “There is great love here for you.” As I approached the 1-year anniversary of the night John left his physical body, I wanted to experience the truth of those words. On June 20th, I attended my first Abraham-Hicks seminar. It was a truly profound event.

Abraham 2The seminar was in Denver—a 16-hour drive—which was a wonderful opportunity for me to listen to my newly acquired CDs of Diary of a Yogi. I drove, marveling at the panorama unfolding before me, as Ben Kingsley’s melodious voice intoned the stories of the many great yogis who impacted the life of Paramahansa Yogananda. The parallels between the Yogananda’s stories and Abraham were striking and reassuring. I was listening to the words of God on my way to meet God.

The morning of the seminar I was up early for my Kriya practice. I felt that everything was as it should be— the day would unfold exactly as it was meant to. Walking towards the meeting room I discovered lots of smiling faces. Everyone was so happy to be there! I signed in and found a seat near the front on the aisle. There was an impressive array of books, cards, CDs and DVDs for sale. I made my purchases early, knowing I could add to them later. As I waited, I could feel the energy building as the room filled up.

Esther stepped on the stage and thunderous applause and cheers erupted from the more than 600 attendees. She gave us the ground rules and then stepped to the side to summon Abraham. As she closed her eyes and breathed, I watched the transformation, amazed. Her expression became one of peace and knowing. Esther nodded several times, opened her eyes and Abraham welcomed us. After giving us a brief foundation of the thoughts and ideas they wanted to share, the first attendee was called to the hot seat. He had a question about his cat. I thought about my beasts and realized the answer would serve me well too. Then a woman was called to the hot seat whose husband had committed suicide. Abraham gently helped her find release. Explaining that the grief and guilt she felt was simply her disconnection with her Inner Being, her Source. Her Inner Being was feeling quite the opposite and knows that all is well. She is well. Her spouse and friends are well. What she was calling tragedies are not tragedies, but choices made by others over which she had no control. They are in a place of joy and they want her to be joyful too.

Abraham 3I listened and felt the truth in their words. John’s frequent question to me when he was in his physical body was, “Are you happy?” He always wanted me to be happy and would tell me that I was to do whatever it took to be happy and stay happy. I finally understood what he meant, and I appreciated how truly connected he was to his Source. My first question was answered. As for my other questions, one by one they, too, were answered. Even though I was not picked, I began to feel more and more appreciation for Abraham, Esther, the people in the hot seat and everyone in the room. I was basking in a wonderful pot of unconditional love and appreciation. All too soon it was over and Abraham closed, “There is great love here for you.” And I knew that was true!

Memories of the discussions and the Yogananda’s words guided me home. As I listened to Sri Yukteswar’s analysis of sections of the Bible, I realized the information is not new—it can be found in all of the religious teachings of the world. Abraham reminds us that we are all connected—connected by Source. We are all Source energy. God force, or whatever you choose to call it, is flowing through all of us. I am happy and will do whatever it takes to stay that way. I know John is not dead; he is more alive than ever. He has let go of the resistance he felt on this earthly plane and in his physical body. There is so much more to him; to me; to all of us. Listen to the voice within you. Meditate, take the time to line up your energy, and then see how high you can fly! There is great love here for you.