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Friday, Feb 06, 2015 A Message from Marydale – February 2015


Greetings and Salutations!

It is always refreshing to enter into February knowing that focus is drawn toward the subject of Love. Perhaps the time has come for us to become more adept at anchoring our hearts and minds on love perpetually, never needing a reminder from the outside world. It is my heartfelt belief that we—all of us—have been created through the essence of pure love, that we shall return to love and that love is, in so many words, all there is. Why not celebrate it every day, in every living thing, in every moment? If we all agreed to do this, everything on the planet would instantly change, for there cannot be negativity where love resides.

Being a child of the sixties, I grew up believing that “all you need is love, love, love is all you need.” (The Beatles) That ideal was not easy to personally realize until I finally came to understand that love is not something that comes to you from the outside. Rather, love is something that, when you discover its ever-Presence within your own heart, everything changes, permanently. You become free, empowered, clear, courageous, joyous and filled with deep peace and calm. You begin to open your heart and allow everything to flow through you with non-attachment, respect and wonder. You begin to live more and more honestly in the present moment without dragging the past along with you, nor do you spend precious energy on false pretense of the unknown future. You let go of false expectations of what others should or should not do to secure your happiness in the world and discover that your happiness depends only upon you, no one else. You truly become one with all that is and anchor your life in your center. Life is sweet and gets sweeter every day.

Just go into love. Not wishing it would come to you from someone else, but discovering the ever-Presence that is your birthright through the Divine essence that resides in the center of your exquisite, magnificent heart.

Happy February to you and yours,

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To see the universal and all pervading Spirit of Truth face to face, one must be able to love the meanest of all creation as oneself. —Mahatma Gandhi