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Sunday, Dec 23, 2012 Marydale’s Thought for the Day – 12/23/12

Oh, how my heart soars at the very thought of God’s Presence in my life. For years I have succumbed to the political correctness of what to call God in public, knowing that the word God has been known to offend.

Since everything I believe and everything I teach is drenched in my innate dedication to God, I have had to be creative and refer to my Beloved One in ways that cloak the Holiest of Holy to make Its Presence more palpable, more acceptable, less “offensive”‘. This used to make me feel as though I was betraying my own beliefs and trying to please those who did not know the Omnipotent One. Now I know better. Now I know that everyone knows. That it is impossible for us not to know that which created us, because we are that Energy and there is no “word” that can possibly label such overwhelming Love. Unfortunately, often we forget that we know, which leads to our suffering.

A large part of my dharma is assisting others in awakening their innate knowing by example and to support them as they remember and embrace the most Sacred of the Sacred.

More often than not, this happens without the need to label. It happens through constantly recognizing the perfection in the hearts of everyone who crosses my path. Often there are no words, just a shift, a sweetness, and I see God looking back at me through their eyes, and we know we know, and that is enough.