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Monday, Oct 29, 2012 Mosaic Project – Part 8

After a three-week vacation, I arrived back to the studio today to find that the mosaic project has been completed! I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. The result is beautiful, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the evolution of the design over these past few months. To know that Lisbeth’s work here is done is bittersweet, but I also know that the studio will continue to evolve and grow in ever-new, exciting ways.

When I left, there was still some work to be done around the base of several of the crystals and stones donated by Laurie and Vince. Lisbeth needed to place and grout shards of mirror to complete that part of the design. Afterwards, the only thing left was to join the left and right sides of the ledge, with their sky blue and shiny black tiles, respectively, with the center design of the birdbath in its sea of iridescent white tiles. Lisbeth did this by incorporating the cobalt blue tile pieces she used around the base of the birdbath to fill in the empty spaces on either side of the white tiles. Among these, she interspersed some of the iridescent stones she’d used in other parts of the mosaic, tying the entire design together into one cohesive whole.

Of course, we still need to paint the bricks on the front of the ledge (color to be decided – stay tuned), but that’s not technically part of the mosaic. For all intents and purposes, Lisbeth’s work is complete. Thank you, Lisbeth, for your vision, your creative energy, and all of your hard work on behalf of Param Yoga, our students, and the city of Chatsworth. Thank you, also, to everyone who contributed money, purchased items from our store, and donated stones, crystals, tiles, and plants for this project. We hope and trust that Lisbeth’s work will live on to delight visitors and citizens of Chatsworth for years to come.

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posted by Kirsten K.