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Thursday, Sep 13, 2012 Mosaic Project – Part 7

Since yoga is all about life, energy, and movement, Lisbeth and Marydale felt that plants needed to play an important role in the beautification of the studio. Lisbeth had already surprised me when she included an urn and pots as part of her mosaic design. As I said before, I’d thought of a mosaic as a flat picture created with small pieces of tile, but she’d shown me that it could be three-dimensional and full of whimsy. As soon as she finished decorating the urn, she filled it with tall red-and-green grasses that dance and sway in the wind. These were later joined by a pot with red and white flowers, as well as a succulent plant at the other end of the ledge next to the Rock of Gibraltar.

One day, I showed up to work and found Lisbeth cementing a very large urn into place near our front door. She’d found it on one of her many sojourns and knew that it would make the perfect statement at the entrance to the studio. It now holds a beautiful palm that welcomes students as they walk in the door. But this was only the beginning of the expansion of our beautification project beyond the front ledge of the studio. A friend donated a crape myrtle tree and installed it in the little patch of dirt directly opposite the ledge. Marydale had been trying to get the city to donate a tree, but they’d declined. However, as I’ve learned from my years with Marydale, with patience and faith the Universe always provides. The tree is relatively bare, but will be lush and blooming in no time.

Sadly, we had two plant thefts in the weeks after Lisbeth installed them. We can only hope that whoever took the little red and white flowers and the succulent plant had a good reason and will receive needed upliftment from these small bits of greenery. They have already been replaced by a fern and a hardier succulent that will, hopefully, survive both the elements and sticky fingers.

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posted by Kirsten K.