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Monday, Jan 07, 2013 Marydale’s Thought for the Day – 1/07/13

There are times in our lives when our hearts ache so deeply that despair or great sadness can become the norm. There are a million reasons why this experience can be provoked, and the longer it goes on, the more challenging it becomes to shake ourselves free.

Freedom always comes back to self-healing, and self-healing begins by giving ourselves compassion. Easier said than done for the simple reason that it is not unusual for us to put ourselves last, and, frankly, by the time we get around to giving ourselves the care we need, we are pretty much spent.

Please initiate yogic mind…listen to the still, small voice within you that is always on top of what is going on, monitoring your needs, and know that you are worthy of compassion, love, respect, honor and care…always. Don’t wait until it is too late. Be good to yourself today, now. Turn compassion inward and know that, as a healthy being, you are able to not only care for yourself, but others as well.

You are deeply loved exactly as you are in this moment. Promise.