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Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015 A Message from Marydale – July 2015


July RoseHappy Summertime to you and yours. May the days and weeks ahead be grounded in your yoga practice to assure ongoing wellness in body, mind and Spirit. Doing so will assure your ability to embrace your highest good with wisdom and enthusiasm each day and insure fewer interruptions to your personal, perpetual peace and Well-Being. Remember – it never matters where you go or whom you are with. You, the real you, is eternally present to create in a positive manner always, in all ways, now and forever.

Join us often at Param Yoga to enhance your resolve to live authentically. Our schedule has just the right amount of summer activities to keep you engaged in stretching yourself deeper into your personal practice. I look forward to sharing time and space with you.

In Service,
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“If you don’t invite God as a summer guest, he will not come in the winter of your life” -Lahiri Mahasaya