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Thursday, Dec 22, 2011 Holiday Potluck

At our Holiday Potluck last night, we were struck anew by how truly blessed we are here at Param Yoga. Our wonderful students and friends arrived in droves bearing gifts of food that overflowed our tables. There was conversation and laughter as we celebrated the holidays together, including the lighting of the menorah and the singing of the Hebrew blessing by Stephanie Landau. As a special bonus this year, we were treated to a musical performance by the amazing Roxie Sakura and her talented band. Roxie is a gifted singer/songwriter and a valued member of the Param Yoga community. Her performance of the chant Om Namo Bhagavate, which she first heard in yoga class, drew a deep sigh and hearty applause from the audience. Marydale got up to speak afterwards and shared her 10 steps for anchoring your life in happiness. Many of you requested a copy of this list, which we will post on our blog soon.

This year was an incredible first year at Param Yoga, and it is all due to our friends and students who have attended classes and workshops, participated in Reiki Share, and joined us for Yoga Day and other special events. You are the bricks that hold us together and the foundation of everything we do at the studio. We look forward to continuing our journey together in 2012 and beyond…

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Monday, Dec 12, 2011 Chatsworth Holiday Parade & Festival 2011

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, talents, and enthusiasm to our float and booth in the Chatsworth Holiday Parade & Festival. The theme of the parade this year was The Polar Express. In the spirit of the movie’s message, we titled out float “BELIEVE”. The float consisted of a white pickup truck, lent and driven by Scott Thompson, pulling a flatbed trailer donated by Al and Cecilia Flaata. Our crew of volunteers decorated the float in the Arctic colors of white, ice blue, royal blue, and silver, and covered it with pillowy cotton “snow” and glittering snowflakes. Marydale made incredible garlands of evergreen boughs with blue, white, and silver flowers, berries, and snowflakes, which framed the large Param Yoga signs attached to the front, side, and back of the float. Shimmering ribbons accented everything and trailed in the breeze. Griffin Thompson sat atop the truck representing the boy in The Polar Express, ringing his bell to let everyone know that he believes. Friends and students of Param Yoga sat on hay bales in the trailer to ring their bells, wave to the crowd, and proudly represent the studio. Leading us in the parade were two magnificent horses on loan from Kelly Holland of Rancho Providencia. These beautiful animals were dressed to match our float and, in keeping with the magical theme of the parade, sported unicorn horns. Many people commented on the originality and beauty our float, and we are so appreciative of all those who made it possible. This holiday, remember to believe in yourself and to celebrate the magic of the season. Happy Holidays!

For more pictures of the Parade and Festival, visit our Facebook page.

Friday, Dec 02, 2011 NEW CLASS! De-Stress with Yoga & Meditation

Our first Yoga & Meditation class last night was magical. As we sat on our mats in a circle with candlelight flickering and soft music playing, our attention was brought fully into the now, focusing our awareness on the fullness and beauty of the present moment. This quiet and calm atmosphere was the perfect complement to our gentle and flowing yoga practice, preparing our bodies to sit in meditation at various times throughout class. In the weeks ahead, we will practice more techniques for stress relief through Yoga and Meditation, so please join us for this unique and calming class.

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