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Tuesday, Aug 03, 2010 Intuition

Our Gathering on Thursday night was a great example of Spirit moving through us in a fashion unpredictable and yet so familiar. What better subject to reinforce our Oneness with Source than the ability to honor the ever-present voice within us that shows up over and over as “intuition” and the critical importance of paying heed to this guidance immediately, obeying the call. From the examples shared, it became obvious that all of us require the doubling of our efforts to hear, absorb and take action, trusting that the guidance being given to us is authentically Divine.

The Yogananda’s perspective:

“Intuition is that faculty of the soul which at once directly perceives the truth about anything. Without the power of intuition, you cannot know the Truth. Intuition means “soul-perception”, and is the knowing power of the soul, without the help of the senses or the mind. Intuition can give you knowledge about things that your senses and understanding can never give.

“Many books and courses of study are prescribed for students in school, but nothing is taught about concentration and the development of the sixth sense, the all-knowing faculty of intuition. Many people make mistakes in everything, from health and business to philosophy and religion. Thousands of people make wrong investment and take wrong paths because their minds are not scientifically guided by intuition.”

Please be mindful as you move along your path to pay close attention to your intuition and the hidden opportunities in each moment. Stay present and don’t miss a thing!

Here is the meditation chant that we shared, in case you would like to continue its use:

Kirtan Kriya



Chant quietly (or silently) on the exhale

(Touching the fingers in succession while chanting stimulates the brain and increases mental energy).

SA – index/thumb

TA – middle/thumb

NA – ring/thumb

MA – little/thumb

Repeat eight times

Monday, Aug 02, 2010 This week’s Food for Thought – August 2, 2010



Sometimes a scientist—often a very great scientist—realizes that miracles pervade everything.  Einstein was such a person.  As he put it, “There are only two ways to live your life:  one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

When Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the airplane, the experts considered human flight impossible.  In spite of this, the Wright brothers learned the principles of flight, how to turn and steer their plane, and how to manufacture one.  Although they flew their plane up and down and around over two main highways and a railroad track for five years, the experts took little notice.  Even though commuters could look out the windows of their trains and see them doing so, the newspapers they were reading at that very moment decreed that it was completely impossible for a machine heavier than air to fly.

We are in a similar situation with miracle cures.  While experts assure us that they are impossible, they keep on happening.  If we look out the windows of everyday experience, we can see them for ourselves.

When we are confronted with a spectacular cure that lies outside our current understanding, we need not agonize about whether or not it was really a miracle.  We can be grateful that it happened, and we can strive for greater understanding of what occurred.  If we are lucky, we may find out.  If not, we can be thankful that the universe behaves in benevolent ways.

By measure, a miracle.

—Larry Dossey, M.D., The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things